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Here in the United States, we pride ourselves on being rather tech-savvy. After all, in many ways we’re responsible for the advent of the Information Age, and Americans are more and more adopting newer and newer tech. From smartphones to smart houses, we’re all about relying on technology to perform our daily tasks. One of those tasks is online banking.

Online banking has been around for a long time now, with many folks using services like Prodigy as far back as 1993 to handle their finances online. Even before the web gained in popularity and exploded with content, online banking was being utilized.

Still, the U.S. isn’t the country with the highest rates of adoption for online banking services. Several countries actually do much better than the United States when it comes to user4s who access online banking sites. The data, which comes from ComScore’s Data Mine, lists these countries as some of the others in the top 10, along with the U.S.:

  • Canada. The top position goes to Canada, with 65 percent of banking customers using online banking services. In some ways, this should not be a surprise in that it is one of the most spread-out industrial countries in the world. Remote banking just makes sense up North.
  • Sweden. The number four spot goes to Sweden, with usage rates of about 54 percent. This is lower than what you might expect, given the sheer amount of worldwide banking that occurs in that relatively small country.
  • New Zealand. This is the one of two countries in the top 10 list that aren’t located in the Northern Hemisphere. Utilization here was at right around 50 percent. Australia’s neighbor is gaining a quick reputation as a center of affluence and technology, and so it’s no surprise that they made number six in the list. (Australia came in at number 10 with 44 percent using online banking services.)
  • Spain. Spain sits at number eight on the list, with the United States between it and New Zealand. Spain has about 46 percent utilization, which represents real social progress as just a few years ago many Spanish consumers were rather put off by the Internet.
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